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Director/Associate Director of antibody engineering (1) – Ph.D. level

Director/Associate Director of antibody engineering (1) – Ph.D. level

We are seeking a skilled biochemist /molecular biologist/immunologist at the Director/Associate Director level to work on a variety of cutting-edge projects in protein engineering.
Lead the antibody engineering team;
Perform antibody humanization and affinity maturation;
Optimize variable and constant domains of antibodies to generate novel therapeutic leads;
Engineer new antibody modalities such as bispecific antibody, nanobody and CAR-T et al;
Develop novel antibody-based technologies.
Ph.D. and postdoctoral work in protein engineering, Molecular & Cell Biology, Biochemistry or similar fields with 6+ years of post Ph.D. experience;
Expertise in antibody humanization and antibody homologous modeling;
Extensive experience in generation and characterization of protein and antibody (IgG) variants as clinical leads;
Extensive experience in Fc engineering;
Experience and knowledge in molecular biology, protein expression, and purification;
Demonstrated ability to work in a multidisciplinary biologics discovery team;
Excellent written, oral, and organizational skills.