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Protein Analytics Engineer/Research Scientist (1) – Master's degree and above

Protein Analytics Engineer/Research Scientist (1) – Master's degree and above

As a Protein Analytics Research Scientist, you will be involved in establishing methodology and strategy for the Protein Analytics group and contribute to day-to-day operations of the Protein Analytics group.  Your responsibilities include:
Using various analytical techniques and strategies to elucidate critical quality attributes;
Development of high throughput and robust analytical techniques to build an efficient Process Analytics platform;
Work closely with leaders and team members to refine early stage assessment of antibody drug properties and implementation of developability analyses;
Increase internal capabilities and establish additional analytical techniques at appropriate stages within reagent generation and candidate selection;
Facilitate technical interactions between internal working groups to support development of innovative biologic therapeutics;
Responsible for data gathering, interpretation and presentation to support decision making and product analytical strategies.
Master's degree in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, or pharmaceutical sciences with 2+ years industry experience, or equivalent;
Extensive experience with a broad spectrum of analytical techniques for protein characterization of size, charge, glycosylation, and biophysical properties of biotherapeutics;
Familiar with analytic techniques for various biotherapeutic modalities, including fusion proteins, mAbs, bi-specifics, and single chain variable fragments (scFv);
Solid background in carbohydrate and glycosylation biology and the use of analytical methods for qualitative and quantitative characterization;
Ability to work collaboratively with others across all functions and levels within the organization;
Ability to work independently and with flexibility to handle work flow in a fast-paced environment.