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H³ Antibody Technology

H³ Antibody Technology

The H³ (High-Throughput, High-Content, and High-Efficiency) antibody discovery platform is a proprietary core technology developed by the Biosion team. By using its optimized fusion method, the H³ antibody discovery platform is able to generate 15-25 times more hybridoma cell lines than conventional methods, thus facilitating the critical selection of superior lead candidates from a large pool of antigen-specific binders (1000~5000 antigen-positive hybridomas per project). The capability to create vast collections of hybridomas requires effective and efficient screening expertise. The Biosion team routinely performs multiparameter screening in a highly parallel manner that efficiently reveals lead candidates that meet or exceed the desired specificity and functional drug properties. The robustness of Biosion's high-throughput high-content screening process combined with the availability of their extensive hybridoma-derived antibody collections significantly reduces the cost associated with the daunting task of antibody drug discovery. With the application of H³ antibody technology, Biosion core team member has successfully accomplished over 100 antibody development projects for international diagnostic product companies, biopharmaceutical corporations, major universities, and medical schools.


●15~25 times hybridoma cell lines than conventional methods

● 2 fusions per project

● Ag-positive clones ~1000




● Specificity

● Cross-reactivity

● Epitope grouping

● Affinity ranking bioactivity




● Parallel high-content screening

● HTS in 96-well stage