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SynPhage™ & SynNano™ Platforms

SynPhage™ & SynNano™ Platforms

By incorporating the same strategies of its H³ antibody discovery platform and the unique Camelidae-derived nanobody technology, Biosion has developed advanced phage display and nanobody platforms - SynPhage™ and SynNano™ platforms.

The proprietary SynPhage™ platform is featured with high transformation efficiency, high diversity of phage library nearly equal to that of natural antibody repertoire, and robust high-content screening. After several rounds of innovative panning and functional screenings against targets, antibody drug candidates with desired characteristics can be identified.

The proprietary SynNano™ platform allows for high efficient and high throughput identification of rare binders of natural nanobodies derived from Camelidae with distinctive characteristics required for specific applications such as CAR-Ts and bispecific antibodies. SynNano™ platform adds new dynamics for Biosion's SynNovation 100™ program.