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Focused on the discovery and preclinical development of innovative biologics for unmet medical needs



Biosion is a biotechnology company focusing on the discovery and preclinical development of innovative biologicals for unmet medical needs. Leveraging our proprietary H³ (High-throughput High-content High-efficiency) antibody platform and SynAb™ technology, Biosion is committed to undertake a large-scale deep discovery of antibody drug candidates with superior properties, multiple differential choices, and diversified clinical applications!

The discovery and preclinical development of superior lead candidates with desired properties is a crucial step in all antibody drug development programs, and as such, it is the cornerstone of successful antibody drug development. To overcome this limiting step in innovative antibody drug discovery, Biosion team has established multiple advanced technology platforms to support their "SynNovation 100 program". The goal of the SynNovation 100 program is to develop first-in-class or best-in-class antibody drug candidates to 100 critically reviewed drug targets. The SynNovation 100 drug targets include both novel drug targets as well as newly validated ones based on recent preclinical or clinical studies. Biosion's selected disease areas include cancer, immuno-oncology, autoimmune, inflammatory, and cardiovascular diseases.

During the past several years, Biosion team has successfully delivered multiple therapeutic antibody discovery programs to our clients, which has enabled us to expand our business relationships with numerous pharmaceutical companies. Biosion's cutting-edge technology and proven-track record in the discovery of superior antibody drug candidates has been fueled by our corporate motto of "Innovation for Cures".  With this mission, Biosion team is striving to bring innovative and affordable biologics to patients around the world.